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Our metrics speak for themselves. Check out this infographic that explores our key differentiators in numbers.

We pride ourselves on having the most diverse provider network in mental healthcare. Learn about how we recruit and maintain diversity in this deep-dive report.

Meet the latest addition to the Spring Health offering - a library of digital CBT exercises designed to promote positive mental health habits outside of therapy.

Learn about how Instacart prioritized mental health benefits for their employees, and drove an enrollment rate 4x that of the traditional EAP average.

"For the last several years, I’ve battled anxiety and depression on my own. I just found out through Spring Health that I have ADHD as well as anxiety and depression.  Now that I know what’s wrong I finally have a plan towards peace." - Employee, VCA

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Spring Health FAQ

Why is clinical-validation so important?

Clinical validation means that the solution has been thoroughly researched and tested, and has stood up to the medical industry’s world-class protocols. It’s crucial for employers to know that any mental health solution they're providing for their team is backed by clinical validation. Solutions that aren’t proven to work are likely to be ineffective, or worse - dangerous. Without clinical proof of a solution's efficacy, an employer has no guarantee that their investment will truly help their team members.

What does Spring Health mean by a "full-spectrum solution," and why should employers care?

Most mental health solutions take a one-size-fits-all approach, with a point solution that address just one area of the clinical spectrum. Many of these solutions are defined by blanket approaches like text-based "coaching" or "therapy-for-all." At Spring Health, we use our proprietary, clinically-validated assessment to find each individual the right blend of treatment options to meet their needs - spanning from self-guided CBT exercises, to therapy appointments, to medication. This full-spectrum approach ensures the right care for every member, no matter where they are in their mental health journey.

How do employers know that their Spring Health benefit is actually working?

One of the many ways we differentiate ourselves is in our reporting. We arm our partners with insights into their team's mental well-being and ROI of our partnership with bi-weekly reports and quarterly reviews. These reports provide insight into how many of an employer's team members have engaged with the solution, and what conditions they are experiencing, as well as ROI insights surrounding real clinical outcomes and hours of productivity recovered. Like the rest of our solutions, our data and reporting are backed in science and have been clinically-vetted for accuracy. 

What makes the Spring Health provider network different from the competition?

We've built our provider network around 3 key areas of focus: availability, diversity, and quality. 

  • Availability: No ghost networks here. At Spring Health, our members seeking therapy get an appointment within 1.1 days (that's 20 days shorter than the national average.)
  • Diversity: At Spring Health, nearly 50% of our providers identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color (over 3x the APA National Average.) Our network also covers 30+ specialties and treatment methods to ensure each member has access to a clinician best suited for their specific needs. 
  • Quality: We've created a proprietary scoring methodology that takes into account a providers' clinical outcome data, member ratings, providers' weekly availability, quality of a providers' notes, and more. This allows us to incentivize our top-performing providers while ensuring we're only offering our members the best of the best providers.


Learn more about how Spring Health supports the mental well-being of Equinox employees in this short video case study.